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Our Services

Smoking Cessation Support

Education about diseases management and the use of medications are important aspects of respiratory health. Though our physician directed education, our Respiratory Educators are able to provide information and support that patients find invaluable.

One-on-one smoking cessation sessions are offered by our Certified Respiratory Educators. These sessions cover preparing to quit, actions plans for quitting, advice for managing cravings, and pharmacotherapy options. The sessions are designed not only to educate the patient, but also provide a source of support and encouragement to help the patient in becoming, and staying tobacco free.

Private group smoking cessations can also be arranged for a fee. Please contact us for more information

Lung Disease Management Education

We offer education to patients facing respiratory diseases such as Asthma and COPD. Our educators provide support to our patients and help them better understand and manage their diagnosis. They provide essential information for daily disease management, counseling on medications, proper device technique, personalized action plans, trigger avoidance, and breathing techniques.

Wellness of Workers Program

WoW is a health and wellness program designed to help identify individuals at risk of developing heart and lung disease and other chronic diseases such as Diabetes and Cancers. The earlier an issue is identified, the earlier treatment can be given and often a disease process can be prevented or the affects delayed or lessened. This could mean a better quality of life for that person.

Targeted at workers exposed to dusts, fibres or fumes, individuals are interviewed by a Registered Nurse (RN) with occupational training using a compilation of validated surveys and questionnaires. This Health Risk Assessment (HRA), combined with height, weight and blood pressure are reviewed by an Occupational Medicine Specialist and recommendations made for a follow up treatment/management or further investigation are done. The RN navigates the worker through the health care system, assisting with appointments and diagnostic tests. The costs associated with attending the WoW Centre are covered through a worker’s company or union agreement.

Ask Yourself…would you make lifestyle changes if you knew you were likely to develop a certain disease that could be preventable or modified if you made those changes now?

Laboratory Services

    Full Pulmonary Function testing

  • This is a series of breathing tests which the patient is coached through. The aim is to assess the health of your lungs.

  • Spirometry

  • Used to assess how well your lungs work by measuring how much air you inhale and how quickly you exhale.

Cardiac Services

    Cardiac Exercise Stress Testing

  • This test monitors your heart and vascular system while you walk and jog on a treadmill.

    Electrocardiogram (ECG)

  • This records the electrical activity of the heart.